The Essential Summer Reader

Q: What is The Essential Summer Reader?

The Essential Summer Reader is the annual literary journal for Vital Narrative Press. It was created to offer new writers a chance to be published and have their work available to a worldwide audience.

Q: What is this year's theme?

The theme for this year is "elements" because the goal for this year's Reader is to show what we are made of - the interpretation of the theme is completely up to you.

Q: What kind of writing can be submitted?

We are looking for short stories, plays, essays, poems, novel excerpts and creative non-fiction. Unfortunately, we cannot accept photographs, artistic prints or comics but we are looking into it for the future.

Q: Who can submit?

For the 2015 edition, everyone is eligible to submit. Starting in 2016, only adults 18 and older will be eligible to submit. For ages 13-17, there will be a separate submission process.

Q: How can I submit?

All submissions are due by May 1st at 11:59 PM EST and are handled through Submittable. Please click below. submit

Q: When will it be released?

The Essential Summer Reader will release on May 25, 2015.